The UN after Libya


LIBYA 2010: the best country in Africa to live in, according to the United Nations (UN).1

LIBYA 2011: a geopolitical and humanitarian disaster-zone almost as large as half the EU. Bombed five decades back in time with up to 150 000 dead, and one million refugees. Under the nominal control of designated terrorist-organisations setup by and operating on behalf of Anglo-American finance- and intelligence interests.2

LIBYA 2012: a country torn apart by civil war between terrorist-factions operating under the aegis of a National Transitional Council (NTC). One reason for the war is the vacuum of power resulting from some NTC-commanders having gone to southern Turkey, from where they are now carrying out a campaign of terror against Syria.

What went wrong?

What more than anything else made it possible for eighteen governments to join the NATO-led war of aggression against Libya was the UN – more precisely it’s so-called Security Council and the UN-charter’s Chapter VII – with the infamous article 42.3

Notwithstanding the debates if UN resolution really gave anyone the right to militarily attack a sovereign member, or if the Security Council really has the authority to declare war at all,4 the reality is that had the UN-charter with its chapter VII not existed, a number of the countries that joined the war would not have done so.

The reality is that the UN since its creation has been instrumental in creating the many injustices, war, and poverty the world has seen since the end of World War II.

Without an International Monetary Fund (IMF) acting on behalf of Anglo-American financial interests, much of the poverty and misery seen in the so-called Third World today would not have existed.5

Without a Security Council and a UN-Charter with a Chapter VII, the world would have had to rely on other legal frameworks to regulate international relations.

One important legal framework would have been the Kellogg-Briand Treaty of 1928/29.6

The Treaty is still in force and declares all wars illegal.

A world without the UN

What would the world have looked like today, had humanity in 1945 opted for a future without an IMF interfering with the internal affairs of sovereign countries?

How could any of the naked aggression the Security Council has blessed since the end of World War II have been defended, had it not been for the fig-leaf of a so-called Security Council and a UN-Charter with a Chapter VII?

When it comes to Libya i 2011 – the situation clear.

In Libya, the UN made the fatal mistake to turn against one of its most exemplary members: the great success-story on the perhaps most haunted continent on the planet.7

With the war against Libya, the UN once and for all exposed itself for what it is – an insatiable Ouroboros setup by Anglo-American financial interests for continuously devouring, destroying, and reshaping the world to their liking.

Was this really what humanity signed up for at the end of World War II – a UN as a catalyst for faceless financial oligarchs in London and New York to foist a New World Order on humanity?


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