Why this site?

This site has been created for the purpose of following the proceedings of a criminal investigation currently underway in Stockholm, Sweden.

On November 11, 2011 criminal reports were filed against a number of individuals entrenched inside the cabinet, parliament and armed forces of Sweden. The charges include war of agression, crimes against humanity, terrorism, and financing of terrorism .

The crimes were perpetrated during NATO’s war against Libya in 2011.

What happened in Libya?

NATO’s attack on Libya in the spring of 2011 was not the defence of the “Western Democracies” against an oppressed people.

It was a premediated attack by financial Anglo-American interests against the country that held the greatest promise for a creating a better future for Africa and the Middle East.

Today, Libya is a bombed-out war zone under nominal control of an Al-Qaeda taking direction from said financial Anglo-American interests.

Why the International Prosecutor in Stockholm – and not the ICC?

Nothwithstanding the unresolved rape-charges against its chief prosecutor, we believe the privately funded International Criminal Court in Hague (ICC) to be a political beast created for globalist purposes and therefore disqualified from investigating or prosecuting pretty much anything.

To us, the natural venues to investigate war crimes are the judicial systems of concerned countries.

Since the situation in Libya presently does not allow for this, charges are filed in Sweden.

The reality is that the UN-charter is the fig-leaf behind which the western dominated security council has been starting wars since World War II. Had it not been for the creation of the UN-charter, specifically it’s chapter seven (including article 42), the most prominent international legal instrument regulating international relations would have been the Kellogg-Briand treaty – which outlaws all wars.

The Kellogg-Briand treaty is still in effect, it’s just that nobody bothers about it.

Sweden was not the only country fighting under NATO command – why have you not filed reports against individuals in other countries?

We wish to encourage citizens of these countries to file such reports and do so on a national basis – i.e. Danish citizens reports the war crimes to Denmark’s International Prosecutor etc.

This can easily be done by downloading the report template found here – just fill in the blanks and send it to the police or relevant prosecuting authority in the country.

When this happens, we would be happy to include information about these reports on this site.

The following countries were part of the NATO-led war against Libya in 2011:


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